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We offer our customers a cheap, well-adapted car parking lot in the centre of Cracow. One of the main characteristic features of the parking lot is the excellent service available at an attractive price.
Cheap parking lot in Cracow at Straszewskiego 14 street was established for customers who seek for the best quality at the most affordable price. Many people, especially those who do not live in Cracow, do not realize how difficult it is to park a car in the city centre. Finding a suitable parking spot often means driving around in circles for hours and getting stuck in traffic jams, which happen very often in Cracow. Apart from great location, our parking lot offers 130 parking spaces. We offer all of that in order to allow our customers to park their cars quickly and comfortably before travelling to another destination. The location and great pricing are the reason why Cracow Parking is the first choice for people who wish to conveniently reach Wawel Castle, the Main Market Square or the Kazimierz District.

CWe have a lot more to offer. We are one of the very few guarded parking lots which issue invoices to their customers. This is a great convenience, especially for customers who travel to Cracow for business. Cheap parking in Cracow is also an ideal place to park your car for a couple of days. The best accommodation services located in the city centre do not typically offer private parking. For this reason, tourists often have to park their cars in the paid zone. It's a very risky and expensive option. That is why we opened Cracow Parking at Straszewskiego 14 street. We prioritise our clients’ comfort and convenience and make sure to make the stay in the city centre as pleasant as possible, not only for tourists but also for the citizens. We offer subscription plans to clients who would like to use our services regularly. Our offer helps to save money while at the same time it is a great future investment. Our clients’ time and satisfaction are our top priority. If you are looking for a reliable, cheap parking lot in the city centre - come visit.  




The car park is situated in the very heart of Kraków, at ul. Straszewskiego 14, right next to the Royal Castle of Wawel, and a stone’s throw from the Main Market Square.
You are welcome to consult our map, which will show you our location.
The place to spend the night at:1 minute
The Maltański Hotel
Means of transport:1 minute
TAXI, Bus, Tram
Tourist atteactions: 5 minutes
Wawel, the church of saints peter and paul, the main market square, the cloth hall, saint mary’s church
Restaurants1 minute
The biała róża (white rose) restaurant
Culture, and the Arts :5 -12 minutes
The Jagiellonian University, The National Museum
Shopping:5 - 20 minutes
A supermarket, The Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center
Entertainment:5 - 10 min minutes
The cellar under the rams cabaret venue, a fitness center, bicycle paths
Medical care center: 12 minutes
The józef dietl specialist hospital

Driving directions!
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From Monday to Friday:PLN 10
Saturday-Sunday:PLN 12
Bank Holidays:PLN 12
We also offer special car park season tickets:

You can get the season tickets from car park staff. Their number is limited. You must inform our staff immediately after parking your car, of your wish to purchase the season ticket.
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You are welcome to read the frequently asked questions section. We hope you will find the answers to all your questions here.
Is it possible to reserve parking spaces?
Unfortunately, not.
How to buy a season ticket?
In order to buy a season ticket, contact the car park staff, immediately after parking your vehicle.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can pay by credit card, or you can pay in cash.
Can I get an invoice for using the car park?
Yes, you can. In order to get the invoice, contact the car park staff.

You should read parking regulations. PL - Parking Kraków